Womens CG 210 Spray 80ml

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Once the causes of hair loss appear (menopause, after childbirth, seasonal, stress etc.), excessive apoptosis provokes more hairs to enter prematurely into the catagen phase (transition phase) and fall. As a consequence the anagen phase (growing phase) becomes shorter.

The successive repetition of the premature onset of the catagen phase, caused by massive apoptosis, followed by a shorter and shorter anagen phase leads to hair miniaturization (white, invisible, thin hair).


In addition to a massive apoptosis phenomenon, excessive hair loss is also associated with scalp micro-inflammation.

Clinical trials in androgenetic alopecia subjects using CG 210™ have demonstrated the following benefits. In a published scalp biopsy trial performed on subjects with androgenetic alopecia (1), daily application of CG 210™ has enabled the recovery, in 3 months, an anti-apoptotic protein towards the level found in non alopecic subjects 

Restoring the level of such anti-apoptotic protein should maintain more hair into the growing phase (anagen) and delay the premature transition of hair into the falling phase (catagen).

Hair loss level may therefore normalize, as long as the product is applied.

CG 210™ has also enabled restoring back the level of anti-inflammatory markers to a level considered normal. Restoring the level of such markers should enable control the of micro-inflammation status associated with excessive hair loss.


In a trial performed with the phototrichogram method on subjects with androgenetic alopecia, we have observed that the proportion of hair in the falling phase (telogen and catagen phases) started decreasing as early as 44 days after the start of CG 210™ application (2). After 3 months, the average number of new growing hairs (hair in anagen phase) was above 8 200.

In the biopsy study, perifollicular collagen increased by 79.9% after 4 months of topical application of CG 210™, reducing pore diameter, hence enabling better implantation of the hair and reducing accumulation of external pollutants.

In addition to being effective, CG 210™ is made from botanical ingredients, so is safe with no known side-effects.

If you have androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness, excessive hair loss, occasional hair shedding, reduced hair regrowth or slow hair growth, we hope you have benefitted from this reading.

CG 210™ is safe


CG210™’s action is based on our active ingredient, Cellium CG, a blend of natural products.


The formulation is non-oily, does not include preservatives, colorings or glycol 
and has a low percentage of alcohol (18%) and perfume concentration.

  • Non irritating

  • Hypoallergenic

  • No parabens
  • No preservatives

  • No glycol

We conducted safety and tolerance studies with a panel of volunteers, and in vitro tests. 
CG210™ was very well tolerated and no side effects were observed.



Hypersensitivity to one of the components.


CG210™ did not show any side effects during the safety tests we conducted, and the product was well tolerated.


However, CG 210™ contains caffeine and theobromine, naturally present in the plant extracts used. 


Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not leave in sight or in reach of children.


To date, there are no known interactions between CG 210™ and any medical treatment.

Q1: Is CG 210™ right for me?

CG 210™ can be used by women or men who experience hair loss or want to retain their current level of hair

Q2: How long does it take to see results?

You may experience a decrease of hair loss in few weeks. For more significant effect, 6 weeks minimum use is recommended*. 
May differ in each person.

Q3: How long should I continue to use CG 210™? What happens if I stop use?

There is no limit on how long you may use CG 210™. In order to maintain a healthy hair cycle, we suggest you make 
it a part of your daily routine. 
Excessive hair loss will not happen immediately after you stop using CG 210™. However, you will eventually go back to 
your previously alopecic hair cycle.

Q4: What is an appropriate dose per use?

Average dose is 5-10 sprays to cover entire scalp.
1 bottle (80ml) corresponds to 1 month use.

Q5:  Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been observed to date.

Q6:  What’s the difference between CG 210 Men and CG 210 women ?

A topical product needs to have a pleasant fragrance. We have therefore developed, in collaboration with expert perfumers, two different fragrances, in order to address everyone’s taste. 
CG 210 women’s fragrance reminds the perfume of peach and blackcurrant. The aroma is sweet and fruity. Even though women express preference for this one, some men also like it. 
CG 210 men’s fragrance reminds the perfume of mint. The aroma is fresh and citric. Even though men express preference for this one, some women also like it.