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Wine Elixir Wrinkle & Firmness Lift Cream Rich Texture, 50ml

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Based on the science of epigenetics, this velvet cream reactivates skin youth in the most effective way, thanks to polyphenols - the powerful antiaging molecules from Santorini vine leaves.

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, while offering a firmer-looking skin and lifted contours thanks to thanks to Santorini vine polyphenols 

It enhances the density and the elasticity of the skin with mastic

It protects from oxidative stress and external factors thanks to the patented propolis extract

It moisturizes thanks to honey, beeswax, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, olive oil and grape seed oil

It rejuvenates both skin and mood with neroli, patchouli, clary sage and rose essential oils

Water in this composition has been replaced by an antioxidant infusion of three vine varieties of Santorini (Athiri, Aidani and Assyrtiko) with anti-aging action.


WINE ELIXIR Wrinkle & Firmness Lift rich texture cream has a rich composition of 97% natural ingredients.

*Santorini vine polyphenols *Parabens
*Patented propolis extract1 *Silicone
*Mastic *Mineral oil
*Copper & amino-acid complex *Propylene glycol
*Greek thyme honey *Butylene glycol
*Hyaluronic acid *Phenoxyethanol
*Grape seed oil* *Phthalates
*Olive oil* *PCM
*Shea butter* *NM
*Neroli, patchouli, clary sage and rose essential oils*  
*Infusion from three Santorini vine varieties  

*from certified organic cultivations
1 GR 1007520

Apply daily to cleansed skin, on the face and neck, with gentle circular movements avoiding the area around the eyes. 
*For even better results, apply after Wine Elixir serum.

For external use only