Elgydium kids monster 2 6


Toothpaste Kids Monster 2-6years Limited Edition - Various Colors

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Suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years.

The handle is made ​​of a material that does not slip out of the hands of children and do so using it is easy and simple. In the center of the head of the fibers are colored so that parents are able to calculate the correct amount of toothpaste is suitable for her age (size "pea"). Finally, the suction cup that is built into the handle allows you to hang easily everywhere to not lose, and certainly children find it quite amusing.

-Finely rounded bristles:respect of teeth and gums

-Head cap:hygiene

-Handle adapted for children

NOTE: This product is available in various colors. If you have a preference in a particular color, please write it down on your ordering form. We will do the best to serve you, if your prefered color is available at the time.