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Frezyderm SensiTeeth Kids Mouthwash 250ml

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Mouthwash against caries for children from 3 years old with Fluoride 100ppm and Calcium Protects against caries, germs and gum irritation, strengthens tooth enamel, ensures strong teeth without fillings, and is safe for the oral cavity. With exquisite blueberry flavor.

Free from alcohol, color, sugar, saccharine
Clinically Tested

Fluoride 100ppm and Calcium (F – Ca): Protection against caries | Reinforcement of enamel (F – Ca, Plant extracts)
Myrrh | Sage| Xylitol | Bisabolol: Antiphlogistic, septic and antibacterial
Mild surfactants: Effective cleaning

After brushing, use the proper amount of mouthwash:
3+ years old: half a cap
6+ years old: one cap

Swallowing must be avoided.