Frezyderm seb excess shampoo                             200ml


Seb Excess Shampoo 200ml

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Gentle shampoo that regulates and balances excess oil. Plant extracts in combination with Sulphopeptides and Capryloyl Glutamate offer in-depth cleansing, while toning and protecting the hair. Heavy and dull hair regains its volume and shine and hair styling is maintained for longer. With neutral pH.

Reduces oil scalp by 46% (based on clinical trial).

Parabens free

Safety evaluation
Suitable for:
| Oily hair
| Sebum regulation
| Dull, heavy hair

Sulphopeptides: Regulation of sebum secretion| Cleansing
Plant extracts: Volume | Shine
Capryloyl Glutamate: Balance oiliness

2-3 times a week, or as appropriate.
Use a small amount and lather with some water. Repeat once more.

Tip 1: When you wash your hair, use lukewarm water rather than too hot, as it causes increased oil production. When rinsing, use cool water that closes the pores of the skin.
Tip 2: Do not fiddle with your hair! The more you touch it the more oil it produces!
Tip 3: Prefer gentle combing and not excessive brushing.