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Optofresh Eyelid Cleanser 50ml

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Optofresh eyelid cleanser

Eyelids, due to their delicate skin, are vulnerable to a variety of irritants, resulting often in red eye irritation and dry eye. Eye secretions – of either pathological or physiological cause – as well as the eyelid exposure  to a variety of external irritant factors (dust, smoke, fumes, dry air, make up), result in tired, red eyelids prone to blepharitis and other skin diseases.

Optofresh eyelid cleanser, is a foam with chamomile & euphrasia (eyebright) distillate water, ideal for the hygienic cleansing and relief of irritated eyelids.


Optofresh eyelid cleanser:

  • Cleans eyelids from secretions, related to blepharitis, eye infections and dry eye.
  • Removes irritant residues.
  • Soothes red and tired eyelids, due to chamomile anti-inflammatory action.
  • Relieves instantly dry and irritated eyelids, due to euphrasia (eyebright)  anti-irritant action.
  • Helps eyelid massage, promoting meibomian glands draining.
  • Can be used supplementary, to deal with eyelid disorders or after surgery, according to medical advice.

With chamomile & euphrasia

  • Wash your hands and clean fingertips with OPTOFRESH® Eyelid Cleanser.
  • Apply enough OPTOFRESH® Eyelid Cleanser on your fingertips or in cases after surgery, on sterile gauze.
  • With your eyes closed, massage gently the eyelid. Do not let the product contact the eye. Let the foam act for 1-2 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times a day.