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Gehwol Heel Cushion G Small, 2 Pieces

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Highly elastic and especially soft absorbing heel cushion for pleasant pressure relief from heel spur.New gel waves provide pressure relief precisely  in the affected areas of the foot and avoid extreme strain during walking and standing.The gel waves result in a gentle,flowing transition from the harder material to the softer material of the heel cushion.Heel cushion relieve strain on the knees,talocalcanean and hip joints as well as the spinal column.After wearing,wash in hand warm water with mild detergent,dry and gently powder with the included Gehwol footpowder.Keep out of the reach of children.dermatologically tasted.

Contents:1pair,1sachet Gehwol Footpowder 4g.

Elastic polymer gel cushion.

After wearing, wash in hand warm water with mild detergent, dry and gently powder with the Gehwol Foot Powder.