Frezyderm hair force shampoo women                                        200ml


Hair Force Shampoo Woman 200ml

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Hair tonic shampoo specifically formulated to address the factors that cause female hair loss. It treats both seasonal and chronic reactive hair loss and thinning hair. Reinforces follicles, strengthens and protects hair against damage and rebuilds the cuticle. With neutral pH.

Increases shine by 33%, strengthens hair by 75% (clinical trial, self-assessment by volunteer subjects).

Parabens free

Safety evaluation

Suitable for:

| Traction hair loss
| Chronic hormonal-dependent hair loss
| Seasonal reactive hair loss
| Weak hair

Biotin | Tripeptide | Apigenin | Oleic Acid: Treat hair loss | Reinforce follicles | Strengthen hair's hold on scalp | Combat aging and root atrophy | Reinforce hair growth
DG4P04 (Active ingredient derived from Artemia Salina): Reinforces hair growth | Anti-inflammatory properties | Activation of cellular protection against UVR and sun damage
Ceramides | Sunflower Extract: Protection from damage

3 times a week for at least 4 months. 
Use a small amount with a little amount of water and apply with a light massage to make lather, leave on for a few minutes, rinse well. Repeat once more. 
For proper and effective treatment of hair loss, the use of specialized products and not just a shampoo is recommended. For maximum results, leave on for some time.

Use together with Hair Force Monodose Day / Night or Hair Force Lotion.

Tip: During sleep avoid having your hair braided tightly! And while you are at home avoid tight