Frezyderm frezylac gold 3 400gr


Gold 3 Organic Milk Powder for after 12 months, 400g

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Pure organic baby cow's milk. It is the ideal food as a transition from breastfeeding or from FREZYLAC GOLD 3 and can replace any milk after infancy and childhood. It is produced according to the high nutritional quality standards of organic livestock farming and is the ideal food after breastfeeding. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, an ideal ratio of saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals (the right calcium / phosphorus ratio), vitamins, trace elements as well as the essential ω-3 and ω-6 fatty acids and is enriched with extra iron. It helps to digest easily, strengthens the body and ensures a natural, balanced diet. It does not contain pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones and GMO (genetically modified agents), components exposed to ionizing radiation and gluten.

Βιολογικό Αγελαδινό Γάλα.

Δεν περιέχει φυτοφάρμακα, λιπάσματα, αντιβιοτικά ή ορμόνες και GMO (γενετικά τροποποιημένους παράγοντες), συστατικά που εκτέθηκαν σε ιονίζουσα ακτινοβολία και γλουτένη.