Frezylac apple banana orange 200g


Frezylac Organic Cereals 6M AppleBananaOrange 200g

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| Infants older than 6 months

Organic puree for infants older than 6 months with Bifidus probiotics, cereals, apple, banana and orange and 34% organic milk. Covers the infant's increased needs for protein, iron and energy, has a soft texture and excellent solubility. Enriched with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the baby's healthy growth.

- Contains gluten 
- Free from preservatives, colorings, synthetic and improvement agents
- Product of Organic Agriculture
- It is a complete meal
- Prepare using water

Cereals with milka and fruits; Apple/Banana/Orange

Boil clean fresh water for 5 minutes and allow to become lukewarm (about 50oC). Measure and pour the required amount of boiled water (130ml) in the infant's plate. 
Add about 5 tablespoons of powdered Rice Flour cereal with milk. 
Stir well until a smooth consistency is formed, and feed using a clean spoon. 
Do not add extra milk, it is contained in the cereal.