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Frezyderm Crilen Cream 125ml

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Moisturizing insect repellent emulsion that repels insects naturally thanks to its unique formula with essential oils. The active ingredients moisturize and condition the skin. In the form of emulsion, it can be used on all bare parts of the body. Completely safe as it is free from chemical repellents.

Suitable for:

| Infants, children, adults
| The gestation and lactation periods
| Bite protection

Effect - Active Ingredients: 
Citronella, Lavender, Geraniol: Insect repellent action
Allantoin and Vitamin E: Scar over action, enhancement of skin elasticity

It can be applied on all bare body parts, even in children from the age of one. 
For infants under the age of one, it should be applied over the infant's clothes.