Jalplast crema


Jalplast Cream Hyalouronic Acid Sodium Salt, 100g

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Hyaluronic oxyeinai a natural substance in the body itself which is involved in the healing process as it operates "like a sponge" and a molecule of hyaluronic acid can bind 109 water molecules and release them when increased mechanical pressure afto.To hyaluronic acid poorly absorbed by healthy skin, does not cause local irritation and has no systemic toxic or side effects. The role of the silver sulfadiazine is the prevention of microbial contamination.

The Jalplast plus cream recommended for:

Deficits skin regardless of etiology
'Atona venous ulcers
diabetic ulcers
Surgical incisions
traumatic ulcers
BURNS 1st & 2nd grade (rash, sunburn, friction burns, burns at home)

Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, silvet sulfadiazine

Apply topically.