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Cleria Lift Beauty Christmas Box: Lift Effect Cream, 50ml & Eye Perfection Cream, 15ml

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Cleria Lift Effect Cream 50ml

The golden Mastic in concentrated form in oil active ingredients, increases the density and elasticity up to 23% after 28 days of use, and also enhances the production of the protein Klotho, known as the protein of the youth that retards skin aging.
A special tetrapeptide activates the production of collagen type 1 up to 47.3% and acts targeted on the factors that are responsible for skin tightening.
This ensures better distribution of proteins in the three-dimensional lattice of the skin by reducing facial relaxation.
The hyaluronic acid provides triple action while the action of the three basic forms of hyaluronic acid thus reduces the number and depth of wrinkles UP 12.7% in 30 minutes, while a specific polysaccharide from carob deeply moisturizes and treats roughness skin giving a smooth texture.
A powerful antioxidant protects beta-carotenes, which are antioxidant defense marker of the skin and reduces the appearance of free radicals generated as a result of UV exposure and IR radiation, while the omega 3-Omega 6 fatty acids hydrate and nourish the skin restoring lipid content.

Cleria Eye Perfection Cream, 15ml

24-hour eye cream for all skin types, with anti-aging factors

Eye wrinkles smoothing

Matrikine peptide provides long term effects against skin ageing, reducing crow's feet wrinkles and activating collagen and elastin production.

Polysaccharides originating from carob, rich in moisturizing and anti-aging effect, reducing skin imperfections.

Elasticity of upper and lower eyelid

Golden Mastic oil
Mastic oil rich in concentrated active ingredients (Golden Mastic) increases the skin's density and the elasticity up to 23% after 28 days of use, while reinforcing the production of "Klotho" protein, which has been considered by scientists "the protein of youth". It is clinically proven that Golden Mastic oil focuses on epidermal cells, increasing Klotho protein production up to the level it was 10 years ago.

Hyaluronic acid
It mainly retains moisture; it's considered to have a greater capacity to hold moisture than any other natural or synthetic polymer. Additionally, it contributes to collagen production and skin elasticity.

Defense against dark circles and under-eye bags

A valuable ingredient that fades dark circles and reduces the volume and depth of wrinkles in the eye area.

It is based on the association of 3 active molecules. It mainly reduces under-eye bags and improves the look of the eye area.




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