Anti lice prevent hair lotion 200ml


Unipharma Anti-lice Prevent Hair Lotion 200ml

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The Repel Anti-lice Prevent is a pioneering Extermination System and repel lice with odorless active ingredients of natural origin.
It protects hair from ton colonization of lice without disrupting the micro-environment of the scalp without drying or lubricates the hair.
The specially designed formula contains Hyaluronic Acid and IR3535, two key ingredients for a safe and hygienic protection. The composition also ensures that repel lice is maintained for at least 48 hours of application.
This gives the advantage of being located every 2 days instead of every day, like almost all other similar products.
• The IR3535 is a potent and safe insect repellent agent simultaneously, from the molecule of beta-alanine and is recommended by the World Health Organisation. This factor, in a concentration of 20 wt% contained in the anti-lice Repel Prevent, has been clinically documented efficacy in protecting the scalp of lice.
• To Hyaluronic covers the hair, forming a protective film that prevents harmful environmental factors can affect the hair and scalp. At the same time, thanks to its ability to bind moisture hydrates the hair and strengthens the natural capacity for regeneration.
The Repel Anti-lice Prevent is suitable for the whole family.
The use of recommended preventive in children during the school year or camping in people who often crowded public transport, public places and other places where there may be contact with shared seats etc.
It can also be used after apoftheirosis treatment to maintain results and prevent new colonization of the head.

Fragrance & Preservative Free
Suitable for Children

Apply in the morning before combing on dry hair using the special rynchos.Aploste gently to cover the whole surface of the scalp and comb.
Let the hair dry naturally without using dryer or other heat sources.